Your Area Of S*xual Expertise, According To Your Zodiac


 Your area of s*xual expertise resides in basic, missionary style s*x. It’s not that you prefer the boring life — you just prefer the stable life. You are of an analytical mindset, and you like your habits to remain within a sense of reason. Once you start incorporating wild positions, you’ll only end up messing the flow.


 Your area of s*xual expertise resides in safe s*x. While everyone else is off going buck wild with their questionable s*xual endeavors, you’re wrapping your tool because you ain’t no fool. People may laugh at you for playing it safe like a dweeb, but you’ll be the one laughing when they’re the ones in trouble. But, OK, maybe don’t actually laugh.


 Your area of s*xual expertise resides in oral s*x. Whether you’re performing fellatio or cunnilingus, this is where you prosper. You’re at your best when you’re servicing someone. You enjoy taking your time, proving that your mouth is the ultimate mouth and ensuring that no one works their tongue quite like you do.


 Your area of s*xual expertise resides in playing with submissive and dominate roles. You don’t like to stick to just one. One minute you may be displaying dominance over your partner, but the next minute, you want the tables turned. You enjoy messing with societal norms and just having fun.


Your area of s*xual expertise resides in total dominance. Though some people prefer a balance, you want to be in control. That’s where you thrive. Your s*xual intensity is at it’s highest when you take over. You like to run the show, and nothing about your s*xual experiences are ever tame.


 Your area of s*xual expertise resides in m**turbation. Though this may seem like a negative expertise, it, by no means, means you’re not skilled at s*x; you simply know to pleasure yourself exceptionally well. You should be proud of this. When you’re skilled at pleasuring yourself, it makes it much easier to extend that pleasure to partners.


Your area of s*xual expertise resides in showing off your body. You want to be looked at. You want to be seen. Whether that means inviting someone over to watch you m**turbate or to watch you and your partner have s*x, having an extra pair of eyes just does it for you.


Your area of s*xual expertise resides in group fun. You like to push the limits on your s*x life, so whether that means engaging in a threesome or attending a crowded s*x party, your interests lay in pushing the “two to tango” motif past its constraints. The way you see it, more is certainly merrier.


 Your area of s*xual expertise resides in pulling off difficult positions. Mastering certain s*xual stances is a skill that requires a lot of attention. But that’s where your strengths lay. You’re naturally ambitious, especially when you enter the bedroom.


Your area of s*xual expertise resides in roleplaying. You enjoy displaying your affection and s*xuality through something that is completely foreign to you. You like to embrace new ideas and explore new experiences.


 Your area of s*xual expertise resides in romance. Yes, s*x is a physical act, but it’s not primarilyphysical. You understand this most of all. You’re much more interested in honing in on the machinery within the s*x that makes one’s libido function. You’re capable of perfecting s*x by approaching it from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

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