This Is How He Acts When He’s In Love Vs. When He’s In Lust, Based On His Sign.

Though they sound similar, love and lust are two very different emotions. We may get them confused from time to time, but in the end, the thrill and excitement of lust won’t overpower the true love one person has for another. Lust is ruled by desire, based on serving your own needs and sparked by attraction. Love, on the other hand, is about serving the other person’s needs and based on a bond that can’t be forced or faked. There’s a time and place for both, and one may eventually turn into the other, but still, it pays to know the difference between them.

As humans, we tend to act in different ways when we’re in love, compared to when we’re in lust. Every individual is different, but the twelve signs in Astrology often have their own distinct behaviors that come out when they’re truly in love with their partner, and when those feelings are only skin-deep. If you know what to look out for, it will be easier to tell whether your relationship is based on love or lust.

Check out the following ways each sign acts when he’s in love, versus when he’s in lust, to get an idea about what’s really going on in your partner’s head.

24Aries In Love: He Will See You As Much As He Can

He can also get quite passionate and heated about things he feels strongly about, and when he’s in love, he wants to be totally surrounded by those strong feelings. If an Aries guy loves you, he will want to see you as much as he can.

He’ll want to be around you all the time (without it getting ridiculous!), whether that’s for formal dates or just low-key hanging out.

When it’s lust, he tends to get bored of constantly seeing the same person. When it’s love, that boredom never comes. He just can’t get enough of you.

23Aries In Lust: He’s Not Loyal To You

Aries is one of the most loyal partners of all the signs. In fact, Aries’ loyalty isn’t necessarily a sign that he is in love with you because he’s capable of showing loyalty to pretty much anyone he respects. But at the same time, you know for sure that it’s not love if he’s not being loyal. While his loyalty sometimes happens even when he’s not in love, it absolutely always occurs when he is. If he tells one of your secrets, fails to have your back when he said he would or betrays your trust in some other way, it’s probably lust instead of love.

22Leo In Love: He Will Do Whatever He Can To Impress You

Leo is one of those signs who tend to care what people think. However, the extent to which he cares depends upon how much he admires that person.

So, naturally if he is hell-bent on impressing you, takes your advice and opinions seriously, and worries what you think of him, it’s a sign that he’s fallen in love.

He is a confident sign who doesn’t necessarily let people tell him what to do, but at the same time, there will always be a part of him who needs that approval from the people he cares most about.

21Leo In Lust: He Sees You Like A Fancy Car – Simply Something To Show Off With

As we mentioned, Leo also cares what other people think (just not as much as the people he loves). The opinions of his friends, co-workers, family members, and even general acquaintances weigh in on him, so he’d always prefer to impress them than not. This sign has been known to date people solely to make himself look good. If you get the feeling that all your time together is strategically planned so that you’re always seen by the people in his life, it could be that he only wants to show you off. And if that’s the case, the relationship is all about lust.

20Sagittarius In Love: He Will Invite You Into His Personal Space

Fire signs usually love to be totally surrounded by whatever or whomever they love—they’ve just got those all-or-nothing kind of personalities. Sagittarius is a little different from his fiery brothers in that he’s naturally quite a bit more spiritual, and values his alone time much more.

Though he loves being in a relationship, it takes a lot for him to give up his personal space and free time.

So, if Sagittarius invites you into his personal space and doesn’t keep you at arm’s length, it’s a good sign that he’s in love and not just in lust.

19Sagittarius In Lust: He Only Wants You Sometimes

Sagittarius does love having someone to date and is usually okay with the casual relationship thing. While some signs prefer to only spend their time with people they do love, Sagittarius is happy to spend time with those he’s not serious about in the name of fun. But you can still get an idea about whether he’s actually in love or not based on how consistent he is. Though he’s happy to spend time with flings, it will be on his terms. He definitely won’t be giving up all his time to spend with you if it’s just lust, the way he would if it were love.

18Taurus In Love: He Will Factor You Into His Routine

For a sign like Taurus, a routine is very important. This sign doesn’t like to deviate from the norm and doesn’t like being surprised. Out of all the signs, he is probably the most resistant to change, which explains why he values the consistency of a routine so much.

When he permanently changes his routine to fit you in, you know things just got serious.

He will very rarely move his schedule around unless he believes that the changes are going to be for the long-term.

When he’s in lust, he works his dates around his schedule. When he’s in love, he works his schedule around his dates.

17Taurus In Lust: He Will Keep You At A Distance

Taurus is more careful than other signs when it comes to allowing himself to be vulnerable. Some signs are happy to tell their life story to strangers on the street and catch feelings without thinking twice, but Taurus doesn’t do things like that. He keeps his guard up and keeps people at a distance until he can no longer deny his feelings and place his trust in them. If the relationship is based on lust rather than love, Taurus will more than likely keep you at a distance with everyone else. Only when he’s in love does he let people into his personal world.

16Virgo In Love: He Will Be Affectionate With You

Some signs in Astrology are super affectionate, but Virgo isn’t one of them. This sign has a lot to offer in a relationship—he will be honest, loyal and reliable at all times. But affectionate? That only happens when he’s truly in love.

Virgo has a reputation as being a stiff sign who doesn’t let loose and doesn’t get emotional, but that’s only around people he’s not in love with.

There is a more playful side to this serious sign that can come out, but he’s very selective about who sees it.

Usually, only the person he’s in love with makes the cut.

15Virgo In Lust: He Will Treat You Like He Treats All His Friends

Virgo is one of the signs we mentioned earlier that doesn’t usually love casual flings. When he commits to someone, it’s usually a sign that he’s got strong feelings, because as we know, he only proceeds with things when they’re absolutely perfect and aligns with his goals. If he does spend time with someone who would be considered a fling, they should be able to tell fairly easily because he’ll basically treat them as another friend. He only pulls out the affection and romance cards when his heart is fully in it, and wouldn’t be that vulnerable with someone who’s just a fling.

14Capricorn In Love: He Will Open Up About His Dreams

A typical earth sign, Capricorn is careful and selective about whom he spends his time with and whom he opens up to. Following his head instead of his heart, this sign usually resists the urge to discuss the things that are really important to him, because he knows that information can always be used against him.

He’s not one to talk about his dreams—he just gets on with making them happen.

Love might be in the air if he deviates from the norm and actually lets you into this important and personal part of his life.

13Capricorn In Lust: He Will Keep You Low On His Priority List

Romance isn’t naturally one of Capricorn’s highest priorities. When he meets his soulmate, that relationship tends to defy the odds and rise above his career on the importance scale. But with regular relationships that aren’t based on love, he usually doesn’t make them a priority. If your relationship with a Capricorn is based on lust instead of true love, you might find that he never makes time for you. He will blow you off for work or friends, and only fit you in when it’s convenient for him. Whatever he might promise, you will never come before his life goals.

12Gemini In Love: He Will Keep Seeing You Over A Long Period Of Time

Thanks to his fun-loving nature and carefree attitude, Gemini can be a great partner to have. The problem is getting him to commit in the first place because this sign can be quite restless. In most cases, he gets distracted and bored very easily, so typically has many short consecutive relationships rather than long ones that last. But things change when he finds the one and falls in love.

You know that Gemini has really fallen for you if the relationship is actually becoming serious, and he allows it to be a long-term thing.

Flings come and go for him, but love has the power to stay on.

11Gemini In Lust: He Will Forget About You

Gemini is one of those signs who loves to fill his life with casual relationships. He believes he’s been put on this earth to have a good time, so why not have fun with as many people as he can? He’s just as affectionate and romantic with his flings as he is with the love of his life, but you’ll know that he’s just in lust with you if he forgets about you after a certain period of time. Remember that this sign has a kind of short concentration span, so his attention will always wander elsewhere after a while, even if he finds you super attractive.

10Libra In Love: He Will Tell You

Love is Libra’s business. This is one sign who lives for those moments of joy with a soulmate, and can never wait to find the next one and get to the good part of the relationship, where you’re being honest with each other about how you feel.

It’s pretty easy to gather whether Libra has truly fallen in love with you or not because unlike most of the other signs, he doesn’t like to play games.

You won’t have to decode his behavior or interpret his many messages. If he believes that he is in love with you, he will tell you. Plain and simple.

9Libra In Lust: He’ll Romance You Without Substance

Libra can be tricky because, since he loves romance and relationships so much, he will turn up the wooing even when he’s not fully serious. With some signs, it’s very easy to tell whether you’re just a temporary fling or not, but Libra likes to romance his flings just as much as he does his soulmates. The key is to decode whether there’s actually any meaning behind his displays of affection. This can be difficult at first, but after enough time, you will get an idea whether there’s actually any substance behind his actions, or if he’s just being a superficial prince charming.

8Aquarius In Love: He Will Be Emotionally Available

The way that Aquarius acts when he’s in love versus when he’s just in lust is very different. This sign doesn’t like to be romantic or charming the way other signs do, nor does he like to really make promises.

You could even argue that he’s hardly ever emotionally available because he doesn’t easily give his heart away like that.

So if you have an Aquarius who breaks all those rules for you, and is letting you into his emotions and being there for you, there’s a good chance that this time is different for him because he’s actually fallen in love.

7Aquarius In Lust: He Won’t Mention The Future

In most cases, Aquarius isn’t opposed to a casual fling here and there. But he’s very adamant about treating his flings like flings, and not giving them the wrong idea. He’s always very careful not to back himself into a corner because being trapped in a relationship that’s not right for him is one of his biggest nightmares. You’ll know if your relationship with Aquarius is based on lust because he won’t give you any signs of wanting to turn it into a long-term thing. He won’t make promises and he won’t even mention the future around you.

6Cancer In Love: He Will Look After You

When Cancer falls in love, he treats his partner like a god. At times he can be moody, but when he’s in control of his emotions, he chooses to adore his partner and cater to their every need.

For this reason, it’s pretty easy to tell whether or not Cancer is really in love—he will look after you like you’re his queen.

When you’re sick, he will show up with hot soup. When you’re sad, he’ll stay on the phone all night to cheer you up. He’ll open doors for you, pull out chairs, and always make sure your needs are met.

5Cancer In Lust: He Will Be Cold At Times

As we mentioned, Cancer is guilty of experiencing mood swings, and these occur no matter whom he’s in a relationship with. But the difference between Cancer in love and Cancer in lust is that he comes out of his shell when he’s in love, and he stays cold and hard-skinned when he’s in lust. Not only is he not affectionate, but he can be quite dismissive and insensitive to those he’s not truly in love with. Simply put, the shell Cancer wears, which he only takes off for people who are very important to him, makes him a completely different person.

4Scorpio In Love: He Will Put His Trust In You

Being suspicious at the best of times, Scorpio does not award his trust to just anyone. If you want this sign’s loyalty, and you want him to trust you, you really have to work hard for that privilege. And even then, he still only gives out his trust when the chemistry is right.

If you’ve actually managed to get this sign to trust you, it’s a very good sign that he’s fallen in love with you.

Once you’ve earned his trust, you can feel free to put your trust in him, because this sign is fiercely loyal to those in his inner circle.

3Scorpio In Lust: He’ll Only Want You At Two In The Morning

Scorpio loves being in a relationship because it satisfies him mentally, spiritually and of course, physically. This last part is very important to him, which means that he focuses on it whether he’s in love or not. You can make a good guess about whether it’s love or lust based on whether he actually puts in the effort to any other part of the relationship. It’s not a good sign if he only wants you at two in the morning. When he’s really in love, he will want you at two, and then at ten, and then at twelve and so on. He’ll appreciate all of you, not just your body.

2Pisces In Love: He Will Stay Loyal To You

Pisces is a sign with good intentions, but it can be difficult to get him to commit to a long-term relationship. The only time he really puts himself in that position is when he’s caught serious feelings and he’s truly in love. If the relationship is based on love and Pisces is serious, he will be happy to stay loyal to you.

Though he may get urges, he will push those aside if it means pleasing the one that he loves.

In other cases, Pisces is loyal to no one. He loves to follow his heart and leave every door open.

1Pisces In Lust: He’ll Bail On You

It’s not that Pisces is not reliable, but he only makes himself reliable to people who are super important to him. He likes to live his life by keeping his options open and following spontaneous urges that may strike him, so that means that he bails on people from time to time. Of course, when he’s in love with someone, he makes a special effort to be there for them when they need him But if it’s a relationship that’s only based on lust and not love, he’s probably likely to keep up his usual way and bail when it suits him.

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